Scientific Naturopathy

Are you feeling stressed, irritable and exhausted?

Are you experiencing niggling headaches, problems sleeping, digestive issues, fatigue and constantly being run down? I know you’re super busy with children, work, relationships, but despite that and the health issues that keep nagging at you – you CAN feel the alive, energised and vibrant person you want to be.

I Work With You to Find Natural, Powerful and Efficient Ways for You to:

  • Deal with Daily Stress
  • Look and Feel Younger and Happier
  • Sleep Soundly
  • Have Boundless Energy
  • Eliminate Pain
  • Find and Be At Your Healthiest Weight
  • Get Back Your Passion for Life

Contact me today to reclaim your health and your life. Your future self is already thanking you for it!

  • Body Composition Analysis Measures body composition (current fat, muscle and water mass); Ideal Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, cellular health and toxicity, body age.
  • Zinc Tally Zinc is an important trace mineral that is involved in many of our body’s functions.
  • pH Test Measures body acidity which in turns is an indicator of detoxification ability, digestive capacity and nutrient reserves.

Wellness Testing

A key element of his practice is providing information specific to what each patient is seeking help for. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment enables Mick to find the root cause of any health issues you may have rather than just treating symptoms. The primary focus is to provide the least invasive, most efficacious, non-toxic therapies that address the cause of illness, not simply the suppression of symptoms.

  • Full Nutritional Assessment Nutrition/Diet is the most fundamental things you can do for your health but we are bombarded with diets full of false claims. Let’s cut through all the hype about diets and get you back to basics with a nutritious and wholesome diet; that’s why we do a full assessment of where you are at with your current eating diet and eating habits
  • Digestive Health Proper digestive function is essential for long term optimal health. Not only do digestive problems result in gas, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and heartburn, but they can lead to a breakdown in the intestinal lining, called intestinal permeability or ‘leaky gut syndrome’.
  • Magnagraph Measures takes an infra red shot of blood cells as they pass through the finger (measures speed at which they are travelling, density, shape, number etc) converts this into graphical from and gives information as to your current health status with regards to digestion, stress, liver function, blood glucose levels, blood oxygenation, metabolism etc
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“I see the amazing results, Mick you are the best!! ”

Julie Abbott, Vic

Mick has given me a clear assessment and understanding of where my health is now, and more importantly has enabled me to regain it”.

Tom Boyle, Vic

“He is really brilliant. Now I can manage my workload plus the expectations of winning a reality TV show.

Life is hectic but with what Mick has put in place I can really wake up every day looking forward to being able to accomplish everything as I have the necessary energy to do this.”

Greg Riley, Vic