Creating Hormonal Harmony

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Riding the Hormonal Roller Coaster? From puberty, to periods, to menopause – hormones can pose a challenge for many women throughout their lives. You may be all too familiar with symptoms such as painful, heavy or irregular periods, premenstrual mood swings and bloating, hot flushes… and the list goes [...]

Managing Daily Stress

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Coping When Life Pulls You in Different Directions Stress is a natural, evolutionary body response. You will instinctively react to stress in life with a fight, flight or freeze type reaction. It may be an acute stressful event such as an exam or public speaking, or it may [...]

Leaky Gut Explained

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Leaky Gut Explained Unexplained food intolerances, allergies, constipation, wind and bloating could end up being one’s constant companion if proactive steps aren’t sought to find out what’s going on? If these are common… “Leaky Gut Syndrome” is its more familiar name. The digestive tract is an [...]

Sleep – It’s Not a Luxury

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Are You Waking Up Feeling Refreshed? Staring at the ceiling at 2:30 am, unable to sleep, is usually low on people's list of favourite pastimes. Affecting anyone at any age, insomnia (difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep) and/or waking unrefreshed can be some people's reality. Research shows that [...]

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